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Ballet classes that focus on technique - for all ages and abilities - taught by ballet professionals.
Ballet classes for children, young adults & adults

Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet is the base & foundation of all technique in dance. From beginner to advanced classes, Ballet will cover alignment, co-ordination & classical musicality resulting in strong technique, athleticism & grace.

At Studio 59, we offer a range of Ballet Classes for all ages and abilities. For the younger ballet students, we have Mini & Beginner Ballet Classes, through to Improvers Ballet for any students starting their Ballet journey in their teens & finally Advanced Ballet for more advanced students. In addition, we have a dedicated Pointe class (invite only), and we also run open Adult Ballet Classes for our adult dancers of all abilities.

Why learn ballet dancing with us?

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our choice of Ballet Classes:
  • Our ballet classes focus on correct techniques & knowledge.
    All of our Ballet teachers have exceptional ballet dancing credentials, including performing with the Northern Ballet and leading companies. Our Head of Ballet Mark Hindle has gained the prestigious teaching diploma under The Royal Ballet & continues a close working relationship with them. We understand that ballet technique and correct form are the foundation of every dancers development.
  • Ballet classes that are creative and fun
    We don't just run ballet classes with classical piano - we like to liven things up too, and have quite an eclectic mix of music to learn ballet to. Ever done Ballet to Beyonce?
  • Our ballet classes include a range of teaching techniques & exercises.
    Ballet is about more than learning the correct steps. We teach our students a level of understanding & application so they are able to transfer this within their other dance styles. We teach How, What, Why, When, so students can form great muscle memory, strength & gain lots of helpful knowledge!
  • Ballet is still fabulous
    Ballet doesn't have to be boring & is one of the most beautiful dance styles that there is! Become Besties with Ballet all over again & let it help you grow into the dancer you've always dreamed of.

Ballet classes with Studio 59

Our ballet classes run throughout the week for our older students & at the weekend for our little minis & beginners. We cater for ballet students of all ages and abilities so don't panic!
Mini Ballet Class
Mini ballet is a perfect starting point for our little minis aged 3+ who are just starting out. Classes are fun & focus on learning through creative play & imagination whilst learning their ballet basics! Classes run on a Saturday morning.
Beginner Ballet Class
Beginner ballet is aimed at our younger ballet students aged 6+ & are finding their Ballet feet, aka first positions! Classes are fun with a little more focus on perfecting those ballet basics & gorgeous pointed toes! Classes run on a Saturday.
Improvers Ballet Class
Our improvers Ballet is aimed at older students around 11+ with minimal Ballet experience. It's a safe learning space where students can take their time learning Ballet basics, gain knowledge & confidence & is a great introduction to the Ballet world. Classes run midweek.
Int/Adv Ballet Class
Senior Ballet is typically for older students (12 yrs+) with experience in Ballet, although younger dancers showing real talent are invited to join the senior ballet classes. All classes are fun, dynamic and focused on technique and performance utilising Barre, centre practise, adagio & allegro. Classes run midweek.
Pointe Class
Our Pointe classes run weekly, and are for advanced ballet students only. Our pointe classes are by invite only, and this is based on the judgement of our Dance Studio principals.

We will never allow students to participate in Pointe work unless they have both the skills and physical attributes to do so safely. Our Pointe technique classes are typically 30 minutes long
Adult Ballet Class
One of our most popular classes! Adult ballet truly is for anyone to come and have a go - you don't have to be a great dancer or have a background in ballet or dance. This is as much about stretch, conditioning and having fun to music as it is learning to dance.

Open to all ages and abilities, our adult ballet classes are weekly and last for an hour. Come and have a taster session to see how fun it really is!
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