Learn Heels dancing

Heel techniques and choreo - for all ages and abilities

Heels dance classes at Studio 59

Our Heels classes are all about empowerment & self confidence, evolving your strength, technique & style. Our sessions are fully supportive & full of hype from the Heels family.
The classes are built around developing foundations, technique & performance through Floorwork, across the floor sequences, mirror work & Choreography.
Our aim is to build & bring out inner confidence & performance in each individual dancer.
Slay Queens.

Due to the advanced choreography & technique, our Heels class is open to all expressions of identities & dancers who are aged 16+.

Why learn Heels dancing with us?

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our Heels Dance Classes:
  • Our Heels classes focus on technique
    For all of you fierce queens out there, who slay the heels game at home then this class is definitely for you.
    For all you queens wanting to build self confidence & self love then this class is absolutely for you too!

    Heels takes some serious strength and co-ordination to pull off but we are here to help. But we'll drill you with all of the correct heels techniques, and this fun & fabulous class will have you up and strutting your stuff in no time. Work.
  • Heels classes that are creative and fun
    It goes without saying that our heels classes are serious fun. Packed with oomph, sass, attitude and a whole lot more, our Heels class will bring out the Diva in you...but be warned, once the Diva has been unleashed, there's no going back!!
  • Our Heels classes are off-the-chart 'sassy'!
    Our Heels classes are loud, proud & packed with femme energy. Come with an open mind, and we'll teach you the rest!

Heels dance classes that we run

Our Heels class runs weekly, and is strictly for aged 16+ due to the content of the choreography and strength requirements
Heels - Open Class
What can we say - just give it a try. Whether you've done any heels dancing before, or you've just watched in envy at some of the heels dancers you've seen on the TV and in music videos, you need to get on board and give it a try.

And even if you're not looking to be a serious heels dancer, the skills and moves that you will learn could help add some spice to your life.
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