Adult Ballet Classes

Ballet classes for adults of all abilities & experience levels - taught by seasoned ballet dancers in our professional dance studios

Adult Ballet Dance Classes @Studio 59

At Studio 59, we love to have dancers of all ages and abilities come and dance with us. Our open Adult Ballet Classes are fun, a bit sweaty and gives you the chance to unleash the inner dancer inside you! Whether you've danced before or never tried, it really doesn't matter. Just bring a smile and a positive attitude and you'll fit right in!

Why you should come to our adult ballet classes

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our Adult Ballet Classes:
Our adult ballet classes are creative and fun
Our adult ballet classes are really good fun - we like to liven things up too with what we teach and the music we pump out. You'll gain bags of confidence, and if you ever feel like you've lost that bit of sparkle from your younger days, we'll help you rediscover it and 10x it!
Adult ballet = great conditioning
If you like to feel the burn when you train, then you'll love these classes, as it takes stretch and conditioning to another level, in line with your ability and aims.
Meet new friends
What better than letting it all go after a day at work, at home or looking after the family. We're a friendly bunch, and so are our students. Come and have a smile, a laugh & a sweat in a friendly environment
Learn new dance skills
Aside from the fitness and conditioning, you'll pick up a lot of dance skills, so when you hit the floor at parties, conferences, weddings and social events, you'll have a new confidence that makes you shine and stand out!

Adult Ballet classes - weekly schedule

19:45 - 20:30
19:45 - 20:30
Adult Ballet - Beginners
(Studio 2)
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