Learn Breaking.

Breaking dance lessons focusing on techniques and choreo - for dancers of all ages and abilities.

Break-dancing classes with Studio 59

One of the four elements of Hip-Hop, breaking will help you learn not only an engaging and exciting dance style, but you'll also learn about the history of hip-hop culture, development & the importance it has on people's lives, modern music and youth culture.

Through breaking, you will develop great freestyle skills, confidence & strength you can apply to other areas of dance. If you've never tried break dancing, what are you waiting for?!!

Why learn breakdancing (breaking) with us?

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our choice of Break Dancing Classes:
  • Our break dancing (breaking) classes focus on technique
    All of our break dancing teachers have exceptional dancing credentials, including performing in the UK and abroad, in competitions and in commercial settings such as film, TV and adverts for global brands.
  • Break dancing lessons that are creative and fun
    We don't just run breaking classes in silence - we like to liven things up and like to pump out some serious tunes through our sound systems.
  • Our break dancing classes include fun battles
    Our dance studios come fully equipped with floor to ceiling mirrors and have both portable and fixed barres. We like to battle - against ourselves in the mirrors, face to face with each other and against other crews.
  • Break dancing students can work towards joining our comp squads
    If you take your break dancing seriously, and want to take part in competitions, if you show us the commitment and skills, we've got break dancing competition squads that travel around the UK to battle with other UK break dance crews.

Break dancing classes that we run

Want to learn breaking? You're definitely in the right place:-) Our breaking maestro Brandon (Studio59 co-founder) will take you through your paces and teach you some amazing breaking techniques and moves.
Break dancing - Beginners
Our mini breaking class is ideal for the youngest students who are looking to get into break dancing. Teaching in a very safe environment, you'll learn the fundamental techniques that will put you on course to be the next Red Bull Champion! Warning these classes are wild. 4+
Break dancing - intermediate
Our Junior breaking classes are for the slightly older break dancers in the studio. This is where you'll learn some of the more advanced breaking skills, on top of honing your core breaking skills. You'll start to develop your own style & flair all ready for Crew Battles. Bring it!! Ages 11+
Battle/Competition Training
Fancy taking part in some battles, comps and stepping it up against some of the other break dancing crews from other studios? Prove to us that you're serious at developing your break dancing skills, and that you've got the technique to put yourself up against some of the other crews around.
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