Learn Tap Dancing

Tap dancing techniques and choreo - for all ages and abilities

Tap dancing classes with Studio 59

From basic to advanced our Tap classes teach the footwork, musicality & rhythms that form one of the most iconic styles of dance.

Classes include warm ups, across the floor exercises & combinations that blend co-ordination & rhythm into high energy routines.

Why learn tap dancing with us?

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our choice of Tap Classes:
  • Our tap dancing classes focus on technique
    Our tap dancing teachers live, breathe, eat and sleep tap. They help our tap students to find their rhythm, master the basic movements and then move onto the more technical jazz steps, once they are ready!
  • Tap dancing classes that are creative and fun
    Tap classes at Studio59 are fun, energetic and naturally involve a lot of giggles, laughs and smiles. Make no mistake - we work hard, but we have a lot of fun in the process too.
  • Our tap classes are great for musicality & rhythm
    If you've ever done tap dancing before, you'll know just how tricky those rhythms can be! Not only do our sessions get working on co-ordination, movement & balance but they are great for musicality, rhythm work & an introduction to all things music!

Tap dance classes that we run

At Studio 59, we offer a full range of tap dancing classes - from mini-tap and beginners tap, through to lessons for intermediate and advanced tap students. Something for all ages and abilities.
Tap Dance Classes - Mini's
Perfect for the youngest of our students, our mini-tap classes introduce students to the very basic tap steps. The classes are fun, lively and super energetic! For ages 3+
Tap Dance Classes - Beginner
Tap students taking the beginner tap classes can expect to start getting a thorough grounding in the core tap movements and drills. Great fun, more technical and essential foundations for ages 6+
Tap Dance Classes -Intermediate
No more playtime - this is when the tap classes really start to get taken up a notch. You want technique? You'll get it. You want to learn more difficult steps & push yourself - you'll get that too. this is where you can start to unleash the inner 'Adam Garcia' in you!!
Tap Dance Classes - Advanced
The advanced tap classes are generally aimed at the more senior students, although don't be surprised to see some of the next generation of tap dancers moving into this class. these classes are intense, very technical, and the quality of the tap numbers at our theatre shows are testament to just how well drilled our tap students are!
Adult Tap
A perfect class to get moving or revisit a past passion, our adult tap classes are lots of fun. Head over to our Adult Classes page for a full description!
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