Learn Commercial Dance

Commercial dance classes that teach students a wide range of dance techniques, styles, performance techniques and choreography - for all ages and abilities - taught by seasoned professional dancers & international choreographers

You've seen Renaissance, now dance in the world of Renaissance, slay Beyonce slay.

Commercial dance classes with Studio 59

At Studio 59, our commercial dance classes are off-the-scale fun. You'll get to dance with and be taught by some of the most respected names in the dance industry. Concentrating on dynamics, timing, rhythm, pick up speed, performance & musicality, the choreography is always fierce, full out & fresh.

Why learn Commercial Dance with us?

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our commercial dance classes:
  • Our commercial dance classes are creative and fun
    Our commercial dance classes are boring...said nobody. EVER!! 😅

    These classes are off-the-chart awesome - loud, proud, thumping and very sweaty.
    And of course you'll be taught by some of the best in the industry - our commercial dance teachers have worked and danced with artists & companies such as: PLT, Gymshark, Adidas, Puma, Boohoo Man, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Scherzinger, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Alexandra Burke & Take That.
  • Commercial dance = self confidence & self love
    Our commercial classes are built around empowering you & showing you what you're truly capable of.

    We're here to help, support & guide you in your discovery of the most powerful confident performer that beats within your soul.
    Our commercial sessions are feral & fabulous, and trust us we mean feral in a good way 🔥
  • Meet lifelong friends with the Studio 59 family
    What better than letting it all go after a day at school, college or home. We're a friendly bunch, and so are all of our students. Come and have a smile, a laugh & a sweat in a friendly environment. The only attitude allowed here is a positive one!
  • Hype yourself ready to join a Competition Crew or just Hype yourself for class
    Our Commercial sessions are where our performers start their journey for the Competition Season.
    If being part of a Crew family sounds like a vibe, we can promise it truly is. Develop your skills & performance ready for the Crew Season & get ready to be part of a family like no other.

    Competitions not your thing? Don't worry the hype continues in class all day every day. No performer is left behind here, we welcome all identities & backgrounds

Commercial dance classes at Studio 59

Our commercial dance classes include commercial dance sessions for:
🔥Minis ( Ages 3-6)
🔥Beginners (Ages 7-10)
🔥Intermediates (11+)
🔥 Advanced ( On ability basis)

We also run classes in Hip Hop. Why not check out our Hip Hop Page
Mini Street Dance (Ages 3-6)
An introduction to commercial dancing for our youngest students. Designed to be fun and give the children confidence, co-ordination and rhythm. We love our mini's!!
Beginner Commercial
Beginner commercial dance classes are ideal for students under the age of 10. It's loud, cool, and super fun!!! Forget Tik Tok, get your moves ready to dazzle at school disco's and parties!
Commercial Dance (Intermediate, Advanced)
Our Commercial classes for inters & advanced are where we start to step up the level. Our students will start to get drilled in commercial dance technique and fundamentals in choreography, as well as layer on those incredible performance skills.
Watch those confidence levels sky rocket from class to class.
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