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Interested in a career in the Performing Arts?

Training from UK & International choreographers dedicated to helping develop & guide the next generation of performers.

Valor Academy is an intensive training programme designed for students looking to potentially pursue a career within the Performing Arts Industry. Train in sessions with purpose, knowledge & strength with incredible choreographers & teachers .
You'll need to put in some serious work and be committed to at least 8 hrs of training per week. Our aim is to prepare and train you as much as possible for the industry before you audition for a place at a PA College/University with ideally a scholarship.

All our past students have gotten a place at colleges such as: Mountview, Copenhagen Dance Centre, Emil Dale, Performers, Rare, SLP, Addict, Bodyworks, MADD, and many more.


At Valor, we believe in the power of balance—where strength meets humility, and passion meets grace. Our ethos is rooted in fostering exceptional dancers who not only excel in technical prowess but also embody the values of humility, teamwork, and personal growth.

The foundation of our training. We strive to cultivate dancers who possess the physical strength, endurance, and technique necessary to tackle the demanding world of performing arts. We challenge students to push beyond their limits, discover their true potential, and develop the resilience needed to overcome obstacles.

We believe that true greatness lies in the ability to remain humble, open-minded, and receptive to continuous learning. We encourage our dancers to approach each class, rehearsal, and performance with a sense of humility, valuing feedback, and embracing the opportunity to refine their skills.

In our academy, we foster a supportive and collaborative environment that promotes teamwork and camaraderie. We encourage our dancers to uplift and inspire one another, recognizing that each individual's success contributes to the collective growth of our dance community. Collaboration, respect, and empathy are the pillars that strengthen our bonds as dancers and human beings.

We view dance & performing as a transformative journey, not just a destination. We value personal growth and believe that the pursuit of excellence extends beyond the dance studio. We nurture the holistic development of our dancers, emphasizing self-awareness, self-expression, and self-reflection. We strive to instil confidence, discipline, and a strong work ethic that will serve them not only in their dance careers but throughout their lives.

Valor believes that true artistry emerges from the harmonious blend of strength and humility. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional dance education that empowers our dancers to push their boundaries, embrace their vulnerabilities, and ultimately, become well-rounded individuals who inspire through their artistry and character.

What will I learn at the Academy?

Our mission is and always will be to develop young adults into healthy, happy, confident people and teach them how to live an excellent, purposeful and great life.
  • Dance Skills
    From Ballet, Jazz & Commercial through to Hip-Hop, Tap and Lyrical, you'll be taught by the best in the industry.
  • Acting Development
    We'll help to develop your acting, performance and musical theatre skills, your stage presence, projection, voice and most of all confidence!
  • Vocal & singing skills
    Hone your vocal & singing skills in a friendly environment, to prepare you for the big stage!
  • Multi-skill work
    Being a performer requires a comprehensive set of skills and you want to know the right ones to be constantly working in between your big contracts/jobs.
  • Nutrition
    We truly believe you are what you eat and believe many disease & metabolic dysfunction today is down to the rise in processed, unnatural foods over the past century. We teach a healthy, balanced diet that fuels our body and keeps our minds sharp so we can get the most out of training.
  • Fitness & Conditioning
    From cardio work, to stretch and conditioning - we'll push you like never before, and you'll be a lean, mean fitness/dancing/performance machine. Conditioning is creating a good environment inside your body to ensure we can dance for years to come injury-free.
  • Self Confidence
    Learn to come out of your shell, and exude self-confidence. We show the importance of having your own morals, ethics and values that you must live by to have belief in your own abilites and self-esteem. We must stand for something or we risk falling for anything.
  • Discipline
    Self-discipline is the foundation to a happy life. From task assignments to physical work, we will show you the importance of how performing healthy habits each day will add up to your dreams and aspirations. Want a good life? Make good decisions.
  • Social Media Management
    You'll learn about all of the aspects of social media, how to navigate it as a young person including the dangers to mental health, how to use it to help boost your career, do's and don'ts, branding, image and the most important for us; when to have a break from it.
  • Mindfulness, Finances, Psychology and Stillness
    Mindfulness to some can be seen as an annoying buzzword, but we cannot stress the importance of knowing effecitvely how to switch off from the chaos of life and learn how to be steadfast and still in moments of great stress - how this also applies to your training and learning how to handle your finances (saving and using the money for growth) as you grow into an adult.

Joining Valor Academy

step 1 - apply
If you are interested in joining, send us a message via email, instagram or give us a call and we can take some inital details from you.
step 2 - audition
We'll invite you to an audition, where you'll learn a short dance routine and show us some technique- you will also need to prepare either a dance, song or monolouge, no longer than 1 minute, to show us.
step 3 - results
After your audition, we'll let you know the outcome - whether you have been awarded a scholarship, you'll be invited to join or you'll be invited to audition again in the future!
step 4 - consultation
If you've been provisionally accepted, we'll invite you & your family/parents to come along for an informal chat, so that we can answer any questions you may have & see if our schedule will work for you.
step 5 - join
CONGRATULATIONS! Once everyone is happy, we'll get you signed up as a full-time academy student.
The Academy will help you to become the best possible version of yourself, for whatever path in life you take.
Academy Principals
Meet our friendly Academy Team
  • Tori Robynn
    Co-Founder & Academy Principal
    Always showing a huge passion for dance from a young age, Tori went on to train professionally at Phil Winston's Theatreworks & SLP College Leeds. After graduating Tori has performed & choreographed around the UK & Internationally in a range of styles within the industry. This includes TV, Music Videos, Theatre Tours, Fashion shows, Stage & Commercial events.

    During this time, she has worked with Brands & Companies such as Adidas, The BBC, X Factors Jay James, Huawei & Vodaphone. Developing young performers into confident, intelligent artists is something she is very passionate about. Providing the next generation with opportunities & experiences to grow as performers & individuals is also very important to her.
  • Brandon Mallipal
    Co-Founder & Academy Principal
    Trained at SLP College Leeds & since has done numerous contracts internationally on Cruise Ships, Fashion Shows, Music Videos & TV Commercials and for major brands such as BooHoo Man. Growing up b-boying he always knew his heart was in Hip Hop but has also trained in classical & technical styles.

    He has a passion for all kinds of movement & teaching it to the younger generation. His aims are to bring the dance community closer together & in turn show the general community how dance can open pathways towards a positive life.
  • Stewart Avon-Arnold
    Artistic Director
    Stewart Avon-Arnold was born in London (UK) on 4 April 1955. Having initially trained as a dancer at The London School Of Contemporary Dance, Stewart Avon Arnold has gone on to become a highly successful choreographer. He started dancing professionally in the mid-1970's. He performed with The Tubes at Knebworth, and choreographed a piece that was performed at Sadlers Wells. A member of the Minority Arts Advisory Service, he later founded a dance troupe called The Dance Theatre of London with the late Gary Hurst.

    Known as the guru of Modern Jazz, the talent & experience under Stewart's belt is matched by few. With emphasis on emotion & connecting audiences through his artistry he is a living legend in the dance world with tons of knowledge to learn from.

    His credits include choreographing music videos, commercials & films. He worked closely with Kate Bush both as a regular featured dancer & choreographic consultant.

    He joined Kate's circle for the Tour Of Life in 1979. After this, he appeared in many of Kate's music videos, including a featured role in The Line, The Cross And The Curve. Avon-Arnold also provided backing vocals on the song Sat In Your Lap.

    For the last fifteen years Stewart has been constantly involved in West End Shows, pop music videos and television series. He also finds time to teach intensive courses and master classes at leading schools throughout Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. The breadth of his knowledge of forms of dance, together with his unique talent and sensitivity, make Stewart a very powerful creative asset to every production.
Guest Dance Teachers
These are just some of the 'best-of-the-best' dancers, choreographers and industry professionals that we regularly invite in to the studio to run classes, bootcamps and masterclass sessions
  • Ian Harris
    Professional Choreographer & Performer
    Credits Include
    * X Factor
    * Eurovision
    * EMAS
    * The Greatest Dancer

    Professional Teacher at
    ~ Rare College Liverpool
  • Mark Hindle.
    The Royal Ballet School Dip.
    Professional Performer & Teacher
    Credits Include
    * Disneys The Lion King
    * The Queens Jubilee Concert
    * The Royal Albert Hall
    * Pirates of The Caribbean

    Professional Teacher of Ballet at
    ~ The Hammond
    ~ The Addict
    ~ Mountview
  • Adam Scown
    Professional Choreographer, Performer & Creative Director
    Credits include
    * Flashdance European Tour
    * Dua Lipa
    * Kylie Minogue
    * The Boy from Oz ( Alongside Hugh Jackman)
    * Happy Feet
    * Global & Creative Casting Team for Universal Studios

    Professional Teacher of Jazz, Tap & Jazz Fusion at
    ~ Performers College
  • Joe Price
    Dancer & Choreographer
  • Jordan Ward
    Dancer & Choreographer
  • Fi Beale
    Performance and acting
Open your mind to new experiences
Studio59 Academy
Some of the things we get asked...
When does the Academy hold it's auditions?
Open auditions are held annually. If you are unable to attend our annual audition, private auditions are available at any time throughout the year for a small fee.
How many classes will I need to do each week?
Depending on which Academy Tier you have chosen Trailblazer, Visionary or Aurora you could be doing from a minimum of 7 classes a week to unlimited!

The academy runs for 39 teaching weeks in a calendar year, starting in September each year
What age does my child need to be to enroll at the Academy?
Entrance to Valor Academy is open to everyone aged 12+ due to the commitment & intensity of the training programme. Exceptions may be made for performers under the age of 12. Entrance into valor Academy is at the discretion of the Academy Faculty. If your child is under the age of 12 & you are interested in them being a part of IKIGAI, please contact the studio to discuss.
Am I able to choose which classes I do?
Through the guidance of the Academy Team & dependant on your Academy Tier. In Trailblazer you will be guided into which classes we think would benefit & help you develop into a strong versatile performer.

For Visionary & Aurora Tiers our Academy team put together a personalised timetable based on your strengths & weakness which is reviewed termly. This way we can ensure your progression is as great as possible!
what is the timetable for the Academy?
Each month is designed & changed to work towards specific goals, targets & areas we feel should be focused on in detail for our Valor students..

The Academy package includes a timetable consisting of the following:
  • Core Classes
  • Bi weekly 90 minute Academy Sessions
  • Workshops & Masterlclasses
  • Competition & Event Rehearsals
  • Private Singing Sessions ( Dependant on Academy Tier)

Do you offer Scholarships to the Academy?
A limited number of percentage based scholarships are available. Scholarships are granted at the discretion of the studio & are reviewed at the end of each Academic year.
We'd love to speak to you
Feel free to get in touch anytime, to ask us about Academy membership and auditions.
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