Learn Acro & Tricks

Dance acro & tricks - for all ages and abilities

Acro & tricks dance classes with Studio 59

A great class to push mental limits as well as physical, learn to understand your body & use focus to achieve and learn brand new skills!

Basic classes will prepare you with easier tricks to build confidence and strength to eventually execute higher level tricks, taught in a safe and professional environment.

Did we mention we are a registered official ACROPAD CENTRE!?

Want to do a flip? Come to us.

Why learn acro & tricks with us?

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our choice of Acro and Tricks classes:
  • Our Acro and Tricks classes focus on safe technique
    Our acro and tricks classes are part gymnastics & part acrobatics. To the parents watching, our acro classes can seem like a series of impossible moves and tricks - but we have the technique and safety of all students as a primary focus. We use approved gymnastic mats, crash mats & instructors.
    You'll notice our class sizes are nice & small to ensure each student gets maximum focus & all the support they need.
  • Acro and Tricks classes that are creative and fun
    Our students love acro. period. This is their chance to learn the moves and tricks that will have people chanting " Do a flip, do a flip"
  • Our Acro and Tricks classes are great for core strength & conditioning
    Any parent who has either done gymnastics or has children that do gymnastics, you'll be only too well aware of what an amazing all-round workout acrobatics can be. From building a solid core, to developing real flexibility and dynamic movements, this is a proper workout that will help develop muscles and muscle memory for years to come.
  • Acro and Tricks are impressive.
    From flips and spins, to death drops and walkovers, our acro & trick classes will give you skills that will impress for days.

Acro & Tricks classes that we run

At Studio59, we offer students a choice of beginner and intermediate classes, as well as a more 'all-round' tricks+stretch & conditioning class.
Acro & Tricks - Beginners
New to acro (acrobatics) and tricks? Then this beginners acro class is perfect to get you up and flipping. You don't need to have done gymnastics before - just bring some enthusiasm, a smile and a can-do attitude and you'll be golden!
Acro & Tricks - Intermediate
Our intermediate acro & tricks class is perfect for those who've honed their skills in the beginners class and are looking to step up the difficulty level of their tricks (or perhaps you've done acro or gymnastics before somewhere).
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