Stretch & Conditioning classes

Stretch & conditioning - for all ages and abilities

Stretch & Conditioning classes @Studio 59

Our stretch & conditioning class focuses on improving students flexibility & strength to further improve technique in other dance styles & regular classes. Using specialist exercises, we can concentrate on developing each individual dancer in a safe & balanced way, and not only improve flexibility & core conditioning, but also help prevent injuries caused by poor posture, alignment & weak muscles. A must for every serious dancer!

Why do stretch & conditioning with us?

Here's just a few reason for you to enroll in our stretch & conditioning sessions:
Our stretch & conditioning sessions focus on correct technique
Correct alignment, posture and form are critical to the development and recovery of all dance students. Our stretch and conditioning classes help students appreciate the importance of all of these elements, and are critical in maintenance of bodies that work incredibly hard
Stretch & conditioning classes prevent injuries
Regular participation in stretch classes help tired muscles to recover more quickly, and prevent injuries occurring as a result of poor posture, alignment or flexibility. Stretch is a great way to improve the elasticity of muscles and enhance the range of motion of joints.
Our stretch & conditioning sessions include core conditioning
Stretch classes help students to develop real core strength - all of which goes to support the posterior chain and prevent ailments and niggles. And of course a strong core means stronger bodies that can leap further, higher and for longer.

Stretch & Conditioning classes that we run

Many of our classes include elements of stretch and conditioning, but our dedicated classes help take things up a notch in a very focused way
Stretch & Conditioning (open class)
Open to students of all ages, levels and abilities. All you need is a drink, a towel (yes, it can get sweaty) and a smile to wear through any of the tough points in a session!!

Stretch & Conditioning classes - weekly schedule

11:00 - 11.30
11:00 - 11.30
Stretch & Conditioning (open class)
(Studio 2)
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